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Basic Concepts of Digital Marketing


Ideoversity is offering the best Digital Marketing course in Lahore. Digital marketing is the practice of using digital communication channels to promote products and services to communicate with consumers in a timely, relevant, customized, and cost-effective manner.

Digital marketing encompasses many of the techniques and practices of Internet marketing (Internet Marketing), but it is broader in scope and includes many other communication channels that do not require the Internet. Therefore, the field of digital marketing covers a whole host of elements, such as mobile phones, SMS/MMS, display/banner advertising, digital outdoor advertising, etc.

Digital marketing was previously seen as a stand-alone form of marketing in a specific field, but, because it provides the same means of communicating with audiences (only in digital form), it is now often seen as being able to reach the vast majority of Traditional marketing areas (such as direct marketing). Don’t miss out on this opportunity and join the best digital marketing course with ideoversity.

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Digital Marketing – “Push” and “Pull”


There are two forms of digital marketing, and they each have their pros and cons.“Pull” digital marketing“Pull” digital marketing techniques engage users in finding and directly grabbing (“pulling”) content. Websites/blogs and streaming (audio and video) are good examples. In these examples, the user would have a dedicated link (URL) to view the content.


  • There are no strict restrictions on content form or size, as users will take what they need
  • No technology is needed to send the content, just store and display the content
  • No opt-in process required


  • A considerable market investment is required to enable users to find the information/content they need
  • Limited tracking capabilities – only get downloads, page views, etc.
  • Not customizable – receive and view the same content for all audiences

“Push” Digital Marketing

In the activities of “push” digital marketing techniques, both marketers (information makers) and receivers (users) are included. Emails, text messages, RSS feeds, etc. are all examples of “push” digital marketing . In these examples, in order for the message to be received by the user, the marketer must send (push) the message to the user (subscriber).


  • Customizable – The information the user receives can be highly targeted and precise based on selected criteria – eg a special offer for women over 21 or living in California.
  • Detailed Tracking and Reporting – Marketers can learn not only how many people saw the information, but also details about each user such as their name, demographics, and psychographics.
  • Potential for high ROI – When implemented properly, push messages can help generate new revenue and strengthen the brand.


  • Compatibility issues – various push information technologies have their own rules: from less restrictive? (RSS), to strict controls (email and text messages).
  • Systems that need to send content – ​​Marketers need applications to send information: from email marketing systems to RSS readers.
  • Message delivery may be blocked – If marketers do not follow the rules for each push message type, content may be rejected or blocked before it reaches the intended recipient.

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Digital Marketing and Multi-Channel Information


Digital marketing is not only effective when using a single message type, it is also more effective when marketers combine multiple channels in their message campaigns. For example, if a company is trying to advertise a new product launch, they can send an email message or text campaign targeting individual audiences. This can indeed lead to great results if implemented correctly; however, the effect of this same activity can be exponentially improved if multiple types of information are applied.

An email might be sent to a group of potential customers with a special offer and include their mobile numbers; a follow-up campaign might send the special offer again in a text message (SMS) a few days later.

“Push” and “pull” types of information technology can also be used in combination. For example, an email campaign can contain a banner ad or a link to download something. This allows marketers to use the best of both techniques to serve their marketing messages.

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