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Best Game Development Course in Lahore Pakistan

(Game Development Course in Lahore)Graphic design helps you to create visual content that communicates your message effectively up to 67% (financed online). Graphic designing does not need a 4-year degree from the university, it’s a skill that you can learn in 2-3 months. 


📅 Duration: 06 Months    📚 Course Modules: 4   🎯 Skill Level: Advance

Game development Course Modules

Email marketing and Automation

1.2d 3d games

Marketing Strategy

2.2 legged character

Web Analytics and Reporting

3.Theme creation

Content Marketing

4.Programming techniques

Best Game Development Course in Lahore Pakistan

Introduction of Game Development Course in Lahore:


(Game Development Course in Lahore)Graphic design helps you to create visual content that communicates your message effectively up to 67% (financed online). Graphic designing does not need a 4 year degree from the university, it’s a skill that you can learn in 2-3 months. Better graphic designs can attract target audiences or clients. Graphic
the design industry has grown up to $15 billion in 2019 with a growth rate of 2.3%.

Why Choose this (Best Game Development Course in Karachi)course?

 Preparing to Publish:

• Printing Basics
• Optimizing Images for the Web
• Using Save For Web and Devices
• Creating Image Slices

 Understanding Layers (Game Development Course in Islamabad):

:: Working with Layers
:: Layer Styles
:: Fill and Adjustment Layers
:: Smart Object Layer
:: What are Masks?
:: Using Layer Masks
:: Merging and Flattening Layers


Understanding Color Modes (Game Development Course in Faislabad)

  •  Color Theory
  •  Color Adjustment
  •   Replacing Color
  •  Color terminology
  •  How can Choose Best Color
  •  Color Meanings

Course Outline

1.Course Outline Game Development

Module 01 – Introduction

  • Introduction to Unity 3D
  • Unity Editor
  • Project Architectures
  • Manipulating Objects

Module 02 – Graphic M

  • Graphics
  • Meshes and Textures
  • Materials, Shades
  • Cameras and Lights
  • Skybox

Module 03 – Scripting

  • Mono behavior
  • Scripts as Behavior Components
  • Awake and Start
  • update/, Fixed Update/, Late Update
  • Activating Game Objects
  • Affine transformations
  • .translate, .rotate. .scale
  • Look At, Time, Enumerations, Lists and Dictionaries, Coroutines, Delegates

Module 04 – Building

  • Platform Specific Approach
  • Importing Assets
  • Building for Android and iOS

Module 05 – 2D development

  • sprite rendering
  • 2d physics
  • rigid body 2d
  • collisions 2d

Module 06 – 3d development

  • Collisions
  • Triggers, Rigid body
  • Force, Torque, Physics Material
  • Ray casts

Module 07 – UI

  • On GUI, NGUI
  • Touch inputs
  • Finger gestures

Module 08 – Light and Render

  • Light and Shadow, Realtime Lighting
  • Sub menu, Light Mapping
  • Static Batching,  Dynamic Batching
  • Creating a Ragdoll, Particle System
  • Trail Renderer

Module 09 Controller and Culling 

  • Character Controller
  • Nav Mesh, Occlusion culling

Final Project – Develop your 1st Game 

  • Real Live Game
  • Updates
  • Solutions
2.Course Outline Best Game Development Course

1. Introduction and Environment Setting
1.1 Unity Interface, Essential Concepts, 2D Space and 3D Space.
1.2 Setting Camera & Lighting.
1.3 Assignment 1.

2. Scripting and Codingl
2.1 Scripts as Behaviour Components, Variables and Functions, Syntax, C# vs. JS, If Statements,
Loops, Scope and Access Modifiers, Awake and Start, Update and Fixed Update, Vector Maths,
Enabling and Disabling Components, Activating Game Objects & Translate and Rotate.

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3. Scripting and Coding2
3.1 Linear Interpolation, Destroy, Get Button and Get Key and Get Axis.
3.2 OnMouseDown, Get Component, Delta Time & Data Types.
3.3 Classes, Instantiate, Arrays, Invoke, Enumerations & Switch Statements.
3.4 Assignment2.

4.1 What is User Interface ?
4.2 Text, Button (On click & Events), Image, Slider & Assignment 3.

5. Player Preference and Sounds
5.1 Store Game Data in Local Mobile Storage.
5.2 Handling Sounds in the Game.

6. Physics
6.1 Colliders & Triggers.
6.2 Collisions.
6.3 Rigid bodies & Joints.
6.4 Materials.
6.5 Ray casting.
6.6 Assignment4.

7. Animation
7.1 Animation View
7.2 Properties.
7.3 Curves and Events.
7.4 Asset A Pl.
7.5 Animator.

8. Roll a Ball Game
8.1 Concept .
8.2 Environment.
8.3 Player.
8.4 Camera.
8.5 Play Area.
8.6 Pickups.
8.7 Displaying.

9. Android Development
9.1 Build the Game for Android Devices.
9.2 Assignment5.

10. Action Kit 1-2

11. Action Kit 2-2. Project Finalizing

12. Vehicle Kit

13. Intermediate Coding. Ads Integration

14. Project Problem Discussion

15. Project Submission

3. Course Outline Freelancing Course
  • Introduction to Freelancing
  • Difference between job and freelancing
  • Benefits of Freelancing
  • Lifestyle of a Freelancer
  • Challenges of Freelancing
  • Future of freelancing

How to start freelancing

  • How to identify your Master Skill
  • 10 tips of picking your area of work
  • How find most trending freelancing projects or services
  • How to find a platform to start
  • Why start freelancing with
  • Why start freelancing with
  • Why start freelancing with
  • Why start freelancing with
  • What are the payment methods available in Pakistan

Using Fiverr as a freelancing platform

  • Introduction to Fiverr
  • How Fiverr works for freelancers (sellers)
  • How Fiverr works for clients (buyers)
  • Types of skills which are most demanded
  • How to find your niche for Fiverr?
  • The Advantages & Disadvantages of Fiverr

Profile creation and management

  • How to make an outstanding profile on Fiverr
  • How to write a bio
  • How to do research on competition
  • Which skill you need to add-on profile
  • Adding your education
  • Adding your experience and projects in a professional way
  • Connecting fiver to other social media platform for more reach
  • How to set up payment method
  • What are the options available for payment in Pakistan
  • How to get more views on your gigs
  • Using mobile application to maintain your response rate

Creating your winning gig

  • Why people should buy it
  • Planning for value to client
  • Create a gig on fiverr
  • How to write the title that attract audience
  • How to design thumbnail for fiverr (Canva)
  • Writing description and details of your gig
  • How to add value added services

Getting clients (a lot of them)

  • How to get reviews of your clients
  • How to Get Promoted to a Level 1 Seller on Fiverr
  • Fiverr Rank System
  • Fiverr Platform Rules
  • Payment system
  • How to maintain your rating
  • How to communicate in a professional manner on fiverr