Best Microsoft Course In Lahore Pakistan 


Introduction of Best Microsoft Course in Lahore


Microsoft Office Excel, Word, and PowerPoint are the essential tools for a company to manage accounts and present data in an effective manner. 87% of people across the globe use Ms office to perform their daily tasks effectively & efficiently. A person who has expertise in Microsoft office can have growth in their career. More than 600,000 companies in the US alone use Microsoft office in their office work. So join Ideoversity IT Training Institute in Lahore to become an expert in Microsoft offices on different platforms. And have growth in your career and enhance your performance.

msoffice with advance excel

Why this Course (Microsoft Course in Lahore)

  • 87% of people use MS office to manage accounts and present data
  • The average salary of an expert in Microsoft office is $49,000 per year
  • More than 600,000 companies alone in the US use Microsoft office in their work.

Scope of the Microsoft Course in Karachi

87% of people across the globe use MS office to manage accounts and present data. And about 600,000 companies in the US use Microsoft offices in their work. Microsoft office expertise is essential in companies globally. So students can learn Microsoft office as it is the most demanded tool in the market and it can help them in creating a professional CV & later in their career. Professionals can get help in updating their portfolio and increasing their efficiency in work. Businessmen and Entrepreneurs can manage, present & share data effectively. Accountants can manage account data in a better way. People can also choose to become a freelancer by becoming an expert in Microsoft office by selling data entry services.

ms office with advance excel

Objectives of Microsoft Course in Islamabad


  • To enhance the output of office employees
  • Learn data editing
  • Learning to proofread content
  • Learning to enter data in tables
  • Learning to insert charts
  • The skill of arranging & optimizing data
  • Working on Workbooks
  • Managing accounts data
  • Working on combining data in an excel sheet
  • Understanding the concept of Marcos
  • Creating & Inspiring slides

Who Should Join this course (Best Microsoft Course in Lahore) & Why

  • Student – Learn most demanded tools and create a strong CV
  • Professional – Upgrade your portfolio and have more opportunities
  • Businessman and Entrepreneur – To manage, present, and share data effectively
  • Accountant – To manage account and date
  • Freelancing – Offer MS office services and earn more



  • Learning the basics of Word
  • Understanding Documents
  • Learning the art to Edit & Proofread Text
  • Optimization of Text
  • Organizing Columns and Tables information
  • Understanding & adding simple Graphic Elements
  • Documents Analytics (Preview, Print, and Distribute)
  • Diagram Creations
  • Inserting charts & modifying
  • Working on visual Elements
  • Organizing Content
  • Learning the basics of Word
  • Understanding the user interface
  • Writing, editing text, and saving documents
  • Creating a new document
  • Entering text
  • Saving the document
  • Learning to save documents in a new folder
  • Comparing & enhancing text with older versions
  • Opening, Moving around in and closing
  • Understanding Documents
  • Learning to View documents in different ways
  • Understanding about Switching between different views
  • Working on non-printing characters
  • Learning to Zoom the document
  • Working on Switching different word documents
  • Learning to Arrange windows of open documents
  • Working on rulers in the document window
  • Exploring help feature
  • Learning the art to Edit & Proofread Text
  • Optimizing the text
  • Selecting & Deleting text
  • Drag & drop
  • When to Cut, Copy and Paste
  • Understanding Paste Options
  • Undo & redo
  • Understanding Office clipboard
  • Working on Finding & replacing text
  • Understanding find and replace
  • Learning Navigation pane
  • Working on Fine-tuning text
  • Exploring Thesaurus
  • Working on Mini-translator
  • Learn spell Correction & grammatical errors
  • Understanding Spell check
  • Exploring AutoCorrect
  • Understanding document statistics
  • Inserting saved text
  • Concept of  Building Blocks
  • Creation of building block
  • Inserting one document into another