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Personal Development means passion, ambition, and also personal improvements. Personal Development is the process of creating an activity plan. Dependent on awareness, values, reflection, goal setting, and making arrangements for self-improvement. Inside the set of a profession, instruction, relationship, or personal development. It allows everyone to set their goals like a short term goal and long goal term to expand their potential. 

Before we talk about what I mean by passion and why it is so significant, we should investigate what the real importance of success is somewhat further. Achievement is generally assumed to relate to a high level of popularity. But progress is not about wealthiest and money. Success is an achievement of something desired. So, successful people are the ones who achieved their goals. What we want the most? We need more than wealth to establish ourselves and our family. It is particularly evident in our work. Expect all of these, the achievement of our life is always personality development.


The Following Important Factors of Personal Development are:


  • Self-awareness
  • Motivation
  • Direction
  • Inspiration
  • Fulfilling relationships


Self- Awareness


“Self- Awareness does not stop you from making mistakes. It allows you to learn from them. (Pinterest)”


Perfect your management skills to start self-awareness. Organize yourself first step is self-awareness. Self-awareness is knowing your qualities, character, needs, feelings, qualities, strengths, and weaknesses. With a feel of what your identity is and a dream of the person. To turn into a plan for expertise or self-awareness that can make. Moreover, self-awareness allows you to motivate yourself and deal with your stress. Better encourages you with your natural, dynamic, and causes you to lead more.


For more self-awareness, we should develop an understanding of ourselves in many areas. Factors of self-awareness include our character qualities, individual qualities, habits, and emotions. And also mental needs that drive our behaviors. We do not change our personalities, values, and requirements based on what we learn. Understanding of ourselves, we can assist us with discovering circumstances in which we will flourish and help us. Avoid situations in which we will experience too much stress. We each must know and focus on our values.


Our habits are the behaviors that we repeat and often. Although, we would understand others that help us to interact with and manage others. We can identify at least one of our habits that decreases our effectiveness with Understanding your feelings. What causes them how they impact your thoughts and actions?




“Self-motivation is, in its simplest form, the force that drives you to do things (Skills You Need, n.d.)”


Self-motivation is a component of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the proportion of one capacity to perceive and deal with feelings and the feelings of others.


Self-motivation can also drive by extrinsic motivation. The drive to do that comes from needing external rewards (like cash, force, status, or acknowledgment), even though intrinsic motivation is usually a more effective and satisfying drive. Determine and developing your self-motivation. That can help you to control other aspects of your life.


Self-Motivation is one of the personal skills. That integral to the concept of emotional intelligence. There are two types of self-motivation are:

 Intrinsic and Extrinsic


Intrinsic: To perform an action based on the expected satisfaction acting. Intrinsic motivators include having fun, being an interested, and personal challenge.


Perform to meet some sorts of external rewards, including money, power, and good marks or grades.   


Many people are motivated by different things and at different times in their lives. The same task may have more intrinsic motivation at certain times and more extrinsic motivation at others, and many have a combination of the two types of motivation.



“Self- Direction is the key to Mastery (Pinterest)”


Self-direction gives you the freedom to choose the profession according to your desire to live. You understand your support to reach your independent goals. Self-direction skills are one of the skills that remain motivated in identifying their learning needs, continual learning, and achieving quality performance.


If you are an adult, then you want to be able to start and identify a problem or task, plan a plan, determine strategies to solve it, and test the effectiveness of your solution. People progress through various stages as they work towards becoming self-directed learners. An individual appears to have a natural tendency at work. Educators still play a role in their development.




“Push yourself because no one else is going to do for you (success)”


Self-inspiration significance to passionate knowledge features its part inside our capacity to get ourselves, identify with others, and succeed in reaching our goals. Important to note here that self-motivation is determining by intrinsic motivation. A kind of that comes from wanting to achieve and desiring the inherent rewards associated with it.


Self-inspiration is the ability to take yourself from lifeless to passionate, dull to active, and discouraged to encourage. Self-Inspiration does not always need to come from inside. Because sometimes we are inspired through external motivation. For this, you want to know perfection. Self-inspiring people always inspire themselves and others, at any time and anywhere. Your gathering (family and friends) always knows what you inspire or not. For inspiration, you always first observe yourself and find inspiration. Self-Inspiration is best for personal development. For this, you always focus on positive things rather than negative ones.


Fulfilling Relationships


By Ligy Webb

“The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.—Theodore Roosevelt”


The importance of relationships is, through this, we are connecting. Without this, it is difficult for us to survive. The most important thing we must understand is that we are all different. So, our behaviors and attitudes are also different. Manage your relationship and understand the other what is saying and doing. Listening and understanding others is part of successful interaction. The most harmful thing in a relationship is when we can work on the assumption. Due to this, we face many challenges and lose their relations. Trust is the second thing in a relationship. To trust is more important than love.” That sentiment is true because no love will last without equal amounts of respect and trust. Every relationship can teach us how to survive. By building positive relationships with others, we will be happier. With positive relationships, we will be more supported and supportive.

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