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Pi cryptocurrency Will be The Next Bitcoin of the Future?

There are 7,000 Crypto Coins in the market these days, but not all these digital coins are giving financial and shopping benefits to people directly. Some coins are just mediocre and some are just like light air in a balloon which can disappear from the market anytime.

Pi cryptocurrency

Pi cryptocurrency is not a free money-Overview

Pi isn’t free money that a person can hold physically in their hands like cryptocurrency bitcoin, it’s a digital currency that is in its initial stages and nobody can guarantee you about its success and failure which may happen in the future. It’s a long-time project which depends on the contributions of its members. Pi directly depends upon contributions, if you are looking for quick money you should look elsewhere. 

What is Pi Cryptocurrency?

Pi is dedicated to helping those people who hold more economic value which goes to banks and other intermediaries. A pi is a new form of cryptocurrency (digital money) for & by everyday people that can be mined by their smartphones. Actually, cryptocurrencies are a new form of digital money that can be kept, held, and secured by the community instead of Governments and banks.  You will be able to hold your money in digital form even in your pocket cell. This currency would help you to buy anything from the market and make transactions for any purpose. 

Is the Pi Cryptocurrency real? Or a scam?

Pi is not a scam, it’s regulated and issued by the collective efforts of Stanford’s graduates to give everyday people relief to keep and access to digital currency.

Its core team is being led by two PhDs and an MBA from Stanford University. Even, they can’t guarantee you its success but they are working hard to make it successful for the ease of common people. 


How can we download a Pi Cryptocurrency app and use it?

You can easily download the Pi app and it works with the contribution rule. You can earn more Pi by contributing more to this app.

Pi cryptocurrency

How does it work (Pi Cryptocurrency app)?

To start Pi earning, you will have to hit the light button every  24 hours to start mining. Once you start mining, you can boost your hourly rate by inviting your family and friends. So they can also join your community. Also, you can boost your earning by making your security circle more strong, which ultimately helps to make the overall community stronger.

What is the value of Pi Cryptocurrency? 

Pi’s worth is approximately 0.00USD/Euro these days, similar to Bitcoin in 2008. Pi’s value will be backed with the passage of time when its members will be using it for the exchange of Goods, Services, and other transactions.  

Can we withdraw or exchange Pi Cryptocurrency from its app?

No, it’s currently not possible and you can’t withdraw money yet. You will be able to withdraw pi & exchange pi in phase 3 when the Pi network will be fully decentralized blockchain. 

What are the current challenges for Pi Cryptocurrency?

PI Cryptocurrency has its own challenges even these days, the real world isn’t seeing like this. Do not get me wrong, there might be some other challenges in the future as well, but it’s happening right now.

Pi cryptocurrency

Necessary precautions to select digital currency & comparison between Pi and other digital currencies

You might be careful here to decide whether you should go for it or not because there is already a crypto game ahead and many digital currencies already exist. I am not saying it is bad, and you will lose your money, or make you a millionaire, I just have this concern that they are not too far in the whole thing right now, and that is something I usually steer away from.

In the end, coins like XRP & Bitcoin are already using larger rates for larger bank transfers, and using their technologies with the banks and get huge commissions. To make SWIFT  international money transfers for clients and other banks, and we are already looking for the REAL world USE cases for this.

Pi cryptocurrency

New virtual money concept, Gold Bitcoins ( btc ) is Digital crypto-currency use blockchain Technology for


When you study these coins in detail, most of these coins would be just names in the blockchain and not giving much to people in the real world. So we should not rely on the artificial way to make money rapidly rather than we should learn skills and enhance our IT productivity to gain worth in the market and you can even earn money at a level similar to what you dream out of digital currency


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