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Social Media Marketing:

As far as I can see, the earliest social media ( Social Media marketing) began in the late 1980s, when the Internet was not yet popular, and the more commonly used network communication platform was the electronic system bulletin board (Bulletin Board System, BBS), which is a kind of The text-based message system is similar to the rise of Facebook. BBS was first popular in schools for student community communication and later spread to the public.

However, social media is a text-based setting, could not bear the rapid development of diverse media in the future, and soon developed into a discussion area that is still popular today (of course, the system has been improved). By the end of the 1990s, launched the world’s first online blog, which enables netizens to browse and share opinions with others who are interested in a topic by writing and sharing articles, enhancing the article sharing feature in “Media”.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Wikipedia and MySpace were established one after another, which are Zoho social becoming social media for knowledge repository and entertainment business respectively. Wikipedia is different from social media in the past. 

MySpace is the online darling of artists, creating a precedent for artists to communicate with fans through social media. Its leadership has only been replaced by Facebook and Weibo in recent years through social media.

One of today’s social media giants, Facebook, was founded in 2004. In just a few years, the world went crazy and developed into today’s very mature social media, which has also prompted business organizations to use social media marketing. Social media marketing is all about managing social networking sites, social media platforms, social media management, social networking, Instagram website, Facebook toolkit, social searcher, social media strategy, social media post, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, social media campaign, social media content, social brand hub and managing all other platforms.  Social Media Marketing is to conduct online marketing. Branding, and social media courses.

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There are 3 functions in social media marketing strategy:

1) Virtual personal network

Like social media, the primary function of course is to build relationships with friends or clients. Social media is a great platform to meet people from different countries. For example, on Facebook, netizens can easily post, browse friends’ information, like, share information and leave messages. Other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Google+, etc., all have different media characteristics, making the media more diversified. At the same time, social media can maintain relationships. For example, social media marketing platforms users like Facebook users know the real-name system as the main media, it is beneficial to organize old school reunions and find people they knew before.

2) Information sharing and dissemination

In social media marketing Lahore, the main point to contact between people is information. The operation of social media is also based on the transmission of information. Netizens (a user of the internet) share information on social media, making information spread dozens of times faster than in the last century, making Big Data an important source of information mining in recent years, bringing unprecedented business opportunities, and improving privacy and security. Increased risk in brand maintenance. The popularity of social media has also changed the dissemination of information, from one-way communication to two-way communication, affecting advertising, public relations activities, and interpersonal communication patterns. At the same time, social media has sparked a lot of creative inspiration, making the platform a source of inspiration. For example, the picture guide on Pinterest and the sharing of YouTube videos have attracted the reference of designers and producers from different regions, causing many hot topics in life.

3) A platform for gathering people

The number of netizens is one of the keys to the success of social media, so different media use their characteristics to attract the masses. For example, Pinterest focuses on image media, attracting many female netizens to participate. LinkedIn has created a platform similar to the interaction of business companies and has also successfully created an active circle of working people. Social media has also played a major role in society in recent years, such as the Jasmine Revolution in the Middle East and the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong, which is all related to online information dissemination and group building. If you want to learn digital marketing or social media marketing visit our website Ideoversity training institute or our office or contact us now. ideoversity is the best training institute which is providing social media marketing courses in Lahore. You can also contact us on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.

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