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UI: User Interface

User interface design is a relatively broad concept, referring to the interface in the process of ux experience human-machine interaction. Taking a car as an example, the steering wheel, instrument panel, gear shifter, etc. are all user interfaces.

Now the Graphical User Interface (GUI) displayed on the screen is generally referred to as UI.

UI designers now generally refer to GUI designers and graphic interface designers, who are mainly responsible for the color matching of graphic icons of products or websites.

UE or UX: User Experience 

UX user experience refers to the personal subjective feelings of users in the process of using the product of UX UI agency. Pay attention to the overall feeling of users before, during, and after use, including behavior, emotion, achievement, and other aspects. User experience is the whole feeling, and the user interface is only part of it.The ideoversity training institute provides the best UI,UX design courses in Lahore.

UI/UX Design

UID: User Interface design

User Interface design is how to select appropriate interface elements, such as text, buttons, text boxes, colors, etc. The best UX design strategy for doing these is to make the user feel easy to understand and use when completing an operation on the interface. Make user interaction with the interface as simple and efficient as possible.

User Interface Design (UID) isn’t just about doing “beautiful interfaces”, it’s also about interaction design. So broadly speaking, interface design includes interaction design.

UXD: User Experience Design 

User experience design (also known as UXD, USD, XD) refers to the process of improving user satisfaction and improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure of human interaction with the product. User experience design includes traditional human-computer interaction (HCI) and extends to solving all problems related to user experience. The ideoversity training institute provides the best UI, UX courses online all over Pakistan.

User experience is a personal subjective of user experience web design, but the common experience can be improved through good design. User experience design aims to enhance the user experience of using a product.

Differences in way of thinking


The basics of user experience design and more consideration are needed to achieve the purpose of UX interface design guiding users or expressing the theme through static “layout” design.

UE, on the other hand, pays attention to the interaction between the two parties UI UX expert needs to be more thoughtful and careful in thinking, and at the same time learn to empathize. He needs to go deep into the demand analysis stage, stand at a higher level, and think about how to find the connection and fit between the two in the process of dynamic change so that the entire product can enhance the user experience in a complete scenario.

Under normal circumstances, UE user experience keeps pace with product managers in a certain sense. Their core values ​​are thinking modes, and they need to do a good job in product design. The ideoversity training institute provides courses of UX UI with certificates in Karachi.

 Differences in responsibilities

There are specializations in the industry of UI UX user experience, which belong to the design field. The job responsibilities of the two overlap, but the areas of expertise are still very different.

The responsibilities of UI UX basics are mainly to study the aesthetic habits and trends of the target users, set the interface style, pay attention to the details of art production, explain the character of the product and express the emotion, etc.

User experience design mainly comes from the interaction process between the user and the human-machine interface. A good user experience designer needs a deep understanding of interface, interaction, and implementation technology. In Internet companies, visual interface design, interaction design, and front-end design are generally classified as user experience design.

In fact, UI and UE are two concepts that intersect with each other. UI is a single-page interaction design that focuses on details, while UE focuses on the effective realization of requirements, tasks, and goals. In product work, both UI and UE play an irreplaceable role. Only by cooperating with product managers can they create products with beautiful interfaces, in line with user habits, and with improved user experience.

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