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Why did you choose fashion design as your career?

I like fashion. I was obsessed with it from a very young age. I like to dress up, and I also like to look at cool designer clothes. In high school, I often flipped through the pages of European fashion magazines and then dreamed of owning a machine where I could put a machine and pop up a replica of a dress that I could not even afford. When I was 16, I took a summer course at the Otis School of Design in Los Angeles, and I liked it very much. Later I participated in FIDM and Parsons Paris, and then I started to work in the industry. Ideoversity is providing the best digital textile course in lahore. Let me tell you that working in the clothing industry in New York City quickly disillusioned me. I see that the clothes people want to buy are not what I want to design. I saw that designers, even big people I worked for, were overwhelmed by sales managers and magazine editors and realized that making a living means compromise for most designers. Learn the best fashion designing course in lahore.

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I also learned from fashion school that once I master the tricks, I prefer pattern making and three-dimensional to drawings or planned series. Therefore, I continued to work in pattern making and fell in love with the clothes I liked for myself, and sometimes even friends and private clients. I have been satisfied with this for many years, but I know that other people have started their production lines after working in the industry for a while, and I am satisfied with it. I am pleased to be a machine that can replicate the clothes you showed me in the photo. As a pattern maker in the United States, I became an expert in making counterfeit goods. Most of it is returned to the shop where it was purchased or rented.  Learn the best fashion designing course in lahore. Since 1993, the industry I am engaged in has become weaker and weaker. Everyone has copied several brave leaders or imitated each other. It’s sad, but what are you wearing now? What do you usually wear? In most parts of the United States, no one has dressed anymore. This is why the sales of leisure sports and second-hand shoes exceed all other categories. Ideoversity is providing the best digital textile course in lahore.

What is the purpose of the Fashion Design Academy?

In international commerce and trade, most of the manufacturing industry is overseas. Therefore, you need to understand the latest quotas, trade policies, and foreign trade fluctuations.Trend research, you are designing for the future, so you need to research, read, and observe trends so that your products are relevant.

Customer research, you need to understand your customers to design suitable works for their lifestyle and aesthetics. This is a critical skill that requires a lot of experience to gain a good customer analysis intuition.  Learn the best fashion designing course in lahore. Digital skills, you will use various tools to send things, so be proficient in these. There are more things I haven’t mentioned, but it will vary depending on where you work. Ideoversity is providing the best digital textile course in lahore.

Is fashion design a good career choice?

Since fashion design is small and dazzling, you won’t see many honest reviews or articles about the industry. So this is my comment after four years as a fashion designer.Overseas production + waste has not only ethical problems, but also the health problems of headquarters employees are also severe, such as stress caused by long working hours, shorter and shorter delivery deadlines, sitting sickness, bullying, and gender Discrimination-For industries where you want women to get high salaries, directors are primarily men, and the starting salary for fashion design is lower than any other design field. I know that some companies want to silence female employees who overseas business partners have assaulted.  Learn the best fashion designing course in lahore. The industry’s size is small, which means you can only live where you can work and where you can live.

Like most creative/art industries, this also means that children who have good connections, are wealthy, and have attended the best universities will get jobs. Therefore, unless you are one of them, you may be unemployed for a long time between two jobs, and, likely, you will only work in a smaller, low-paying company. In essence, this means that you will have difficulty saving, afford health care/prescription costs, be unable to provide yourself with a decent quality of life, and mental health will be compromised because money is everything. This will also affect your friendship because it’s hard not to feel pain when your friends discuss their better income, career development, expensive vacations, etc., and you can’t even buy new clothes. Ideoversity is providing the best digital textile course in lahore.